At DermaGlow if you want to renew your face, make the harsh lines fade, decrease the visibility of the blemishes and give yourself a vibrant, youthful look, we recommend getting a chemical peel (after seeing if it is healthy for you specifically, via consultation).

A chemical peel helps to renew the skin. It does this by using acids such as glycolic and lactic acid to exfoliate the dead skin on the clients face and stimulate a process of total skin renewal and rejuvenation.

The benefits of the chemical peel treatment:

  • Improvement in skin texture (softer, smoother skin)
  • Young looking skin (vibrant, youthful look)
  • Fades away fine lines (Almost immediate response)
  • Decrease of blemishes and dark spots (less visible)
  • Improvement of uneven pigmentation

Process of the treatment:

  • Dr Mayson Gliana will cleanse the skin so that any makeup or oil is removed
  • Then the excess cleanser will be cleaned by a special toner
  • There will be a lotion put around the areas of the face that the peel formula should not enter
  • The acid will be applied
  • Depending on the peel formula the acid is left on the clients face for a certain amount of time
  • After the wait, a neutraliser is used
  • Then finishing products with growth factors and the vitamin repair cream are then added for extra effect

It is recommended that the clients return for scheduled treatments for the best possible outcome

Please watch the following video to learn more about Chemical Peel  Treatment.