Anti-wrinkle injection

Depends on how many units used. 

Prices start from $200 per area 


Depends on the type of filler and amount of filler (how many mLs).

Starting from $400 per area


$400 (including anesthetic cream and peptide mask)

Buy a package of 3 treatments for $1,000 

add the Uber peel for an extra $50 (usually sells at $150!) 

Mole (skin lesion) removal

$50 per lesion

20% discount for second treatment 

30% discount for third treatment

40% discount for fourth treatment 


$300-400 per area 

Combine PRP and Dermapen for half the price 

Radiofrequency (Skin tightening and body contouring)

$200 per session

Buy 6 sessions at $150 each

Plasma Pen

$600 per area

$900 for two areas

Spider Vein therapy

$150 per session